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International House Galway is a boutique language, examination and teacher training centre and we are based in a beautiful 18thcentury building on Eyre Square, in Galway city centre. IH Galway was established in 2014 and we are members of International House World Organisation, a global affiliate network of 160+ schools in 50+ countries. The founder of International House, John Haycraft, had a clear mission and vision: to promote international understanding through the learning of a language and to promote excellence in language teaching and teacher training. IH Galway is proud to be part of the International House family and to continue to promote excellence in the same way. For this reason, quality assurance is at the heart of everything we do at International House Galway.

At IH Galway, we help you to achieve your language and teacher training objectives and we have both online and face to face programmes. We offer the following English language programmes for adults: General English, Examination Preparation and Study/Work Programmes. For teens, we offer vacation courses and year-round customised programmes. You can also take many other language programmes with us. We are an authorised University of Cambridge Assessment Teacher Training Centre and we offer Cambridge CELTA and Delta courses, as well as customised teacher training programmes. We are an authorised Cambridge Assessment English, IELTS and OET Examination Centre.

International House Galway is a boutique language and teacher training centre situated in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. We design and deliver language courses for teens and adults, and teacher training courses for new and experienced teachers.

International House (IH) Galway offers quality programmes designed to meet the needs of students and teachers. At IH Galway, we place great emphasis on making our students feel comfortable in their new learning and living environment and culture. Our aim is to help our students to become effective learners of English and to take home with them not only an increased awareness of how English works in practice, but also an awareness of other cultures and ideas and, furthermore, how to continue to learn independentlyfollowing their course at IH.

IHGalway is an affiliate member school of International House World Organisation (IHWO), an association of 160+ quality language and teacher training centres worldwide. IHWO is committed to excellence in English Language Teaching and teacher training and to raising standards in teaching and training around the world. Each IH member school has its own unique learning contextbut all have one common aim: the very highest standards in language and teacher education.

IH have always been innovators in teacher education, and new developments in the Master’s level qualification, the University of Cambridge Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (Delta) have been achieved with IH tutors and educators in collaboration with The University of Cambridge Assessment English and other institutions. For example, the Distance Delta was designed by IH London in collaboration with the British Council. The Distance Delta qualification is worth 30 credits on the Master’s in ELT from Aston University in England.

Many of the world’s leading course books have been written by IH teachers: the authors of Headway, Cutting Edge, Natural Grammarand Language to Goare all current or former IH teachers. Moreover, many of the world’s leadingpractitioners learned about teaching at IH: Scott Thornbury, Jeremy Harmer, Jim Scrivener, Martin Parrott and Adrian Underhill are all former IH teachers.

IH Galway is proud to continue in the IH tradition of delivering quality language and teacher training courses. As an authorised University of Cambridge Assessment English centre, we offer both CELTA and Delta teacher training courses. We also offer customised teacher training courses for schools and universities in Galway and around the world.

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International House Galway

Our teaching team at IH Galway is very well qualified. All our teachers have a Cambridge Assessment English CELTA, the most famous English language teaching qualification, as a minimum requirement, and many also hold the Master’s level Cambridge Assessment English Delta. Some of our teachers are also Cambridge teacher trainers. We train our own teachers for the most part, and we hold regular professional development seminars. Our teachers also present at IH World academic conferences.

The underlying methodology of the course programme is based on Communicative Language Teaching, but teachers are also encouraged to incorporate other methodologies into their lessons, including the Lexical Approach when focusing vocabulary and Task Based Learning when preparing projects. Teachers receive input in helping to maximize the learners’ participation in the lesson and to help increase learning opportunities through theuse of pair and group work. Students work together on the projects and this foments the ability to work effectively in a team.

IH Galway core values areas follows:

Realisation of potential: of our learners, our teachers and our school,and to help our learners to push themselves to achieve their academic and professional goals

Respect: mutual respect in the classroom, both among learners and between learners and their teacher, and respect for people our learners meet outside the classroom

Enjoyment and benefit of learninga language: helping our learners to appreciate learning a language as an engaging, developmental, rewarding,memorable, and fun experience

Independent learning: helping our learners to become independent learners and to continue to develop their language awareness after their course with us

Understanding of other cultures through language learning: helping our learners to discover, understand and learn from other cultures and customs. This was the original mission of the founders of IH, John and Brita Haycraft, and we consider this core value to be a particularly essential one.

At IH Galway, we promote the following:

• a family atmosphere where we all know our students well

• International House excellence in teaching and teacher training

• Realisation of the potential of each student

• Mutual respect

• Enjoyment & benefit of learning a language –serious fun!

• Encouragement of independent learning

• Irish and international culture through language learning

• Keeping our students at the centre of all that we do

We are specialists in examsand we offer preparation courses for Cambridge Assessment English, Trinity, IELTS and OETexams.We are an authorised IELTS and Cambridge Assessment English Centre with our partners Mobile Testing Solutions (MTS), who are leaders in IELTS testing in the UK and Ireland, operating in 23 cities in both countries and administering over 45,000 IELTS Tests per year. We are an authorised OET Test Centre with our partners International House London. We are authorised by the Ministry of Justice, the current regulatory body in Ireland, which means that we are authorised to offer courses to students from all over the world, both for short and long term Study/Work programmes. We are an authorised Cambridge Assessment English teacher training centre and we train our own teachers.

International House was originally founded in Cordoba, Spain, in 1953, by John and Brita Haycraft, who had two fundamental objectives: the promotion of international understanding through language learning and the promotion of excellence in language teaching and teacher training.

At IH Galway, we take great inspiration from these aims in all that we do at our centre. John Haycraft was the designer of the first ever teacher training course for English Language Teaching(ELT) in 1962. This course, through different methodological and pedagogical developments, evolved to become the world-famous University of Cambridge Assessment English Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, or CELTA, now the most recognised English Language Teaching course in the world.

The CELTA is used by ministries of education and universities worldwide as an in-service qualification for teachers. It is also used by many universities as part of their Master’s in English Language Teaching. For example, King’s College London offer the IH CELTA course as part of their Master’s in ELT.


This is what our students say from us.

Marcio Moura


If you’re thinking of taking a Work/Study course, International House Galway is a great choice. The people there are really special and I love the lessons!  

Shuy Xing

Dalian, China

I love International House Galway – it’s got a friendly atmosphere and makes me very happy to learn English!

Antonella Rotundo


I’m really satisfied with the teacher training programme at International House Galway. It was so interesting to observe the didactic approach and compare it to ours in Italy. It was for me both a personal enrichment and a plus for my career.

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